How old do I have to be to drive?

25 years old with a valid drivers license and proof of full coverage auto insurance

Do I have to tow a trailer?

Yes, 9 miles to the trail head.

Do you provide maps?

Yes, and we require our renters to download and use the free AVENZA MAPS

Do you provide trailers?


What size ball is required?

2 inch

What is required to tow a trailer?

A tow package: hitch and the ability to plug in trailer brake lights

We didn't bring the ball, Do you loan out receivers/the 2 inch ball?


Do you provide helmets?

Yes. We carry sizes from child XS to Adult 4x.

What is the helmet law?

  • Under 18 must wear a DOT helmet while riding.
  • You cannot wear a bicycle helmet.
  • It's a $500 fine if caught not wearing a helmet.

Where can UTV Renters ride?

We send our Renters to the national forest, at WYR 53000 RD (West side of Highway 259)

Where can Jeep Renters ride in the Forest?

In the National Forest on public roads only. You will ride on the East side of Highway 259 towards the Lake.

Do we need a permit to ride?

No, it is open to the public

Can I drive without a valid drivers license?

No, the law states ALL drivers must have a valid drivers license

Can I bring my own equipment/ATV/UTV?


Is alcohol allowed?


Can we drive the rented ATV/UTV around the cabins?


Can we drive rented ATV/UTV around the stores?


Can we keep the rented UTV over night?


Do you rent by the hour?


Are the jeeps allowed in the forest?

Yes, on the public forest roads only, during daylight.

Are pets allowed?

Coming soon, but not at this time for UTV's or Jeeps

Do you allow smoking/vaping in the jeeps?


Are car seats allowed in the jeep?

Absolutely! they need renter is required to provide towels/blankets to put underneath the car seat.

How many people does the jeep fit?

There are 5 seat belts

Are we allowed to bring a cooler?


What size cooler may we bring?

A full size cooler will fit in the jeeps and rangers. A smaller cooler is required for the Teryx.

Do you rent ATV's/Dirt Bikes?

No, we rent UTV'S also known as side by sides. They are the kind that you get in and put your seatbelt on.

Do you offer military discount?

YES! With proof of service

Can I use my own trailer to tow your UTV?


What happens if it rains?

We ride rain or shine. Please see question about bad weather below.

What is your cancellation policy?

5 days

What happens to our reservation during bad weather?

We either will not book a reservation due to bad or extreme weather, or cancel reservations and give 100% refund in same form payment was received. Please text  (580) 306-5150 with any concerns prior to your arrival. We want you to feel safe and reassured. 

Bad weather may include but not limited to one or more of the following:

  • Severe storm warnings
  • Below freezing 32°F
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Flash flooding
  • Extreme heat

Can my children 17 or under drive their own ATV/UTV/Motor Cross/ETC. ?

No, the law states that all drivers including minors must have a valid drivers license.

How many people does the Polaris Ranger fit?

It has 2 bench seats with 6 seatbelts.

How many people does the Kawasaki Teryx fit?

4 buck seats with seatbelts.

What happens if we show up late?

30 minutes or more late forfeits your reservation and no refund will be issued, NO EXCEPTION.
We have set times for our reservations to accommodate for renter's travel time to the trailhead
and back, and riding time. If a renter starts late and decides to return late, it affects other
families' times.
We require all members of the party to be present and arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes early.
This is to maximize your experience and utilize as much of your reserved time as possible, as well as avoid a domino effect for all other reservations behind you. Thank you for understanding.

What do I do now that I have a reservation?

1. Download the Avenza Map app (see MAP)
2. READ ALL RULES, Print, fill out all lines, sign, and BRING WITH YOU the rules of your
rental (Jeep or UTV). This will save you time! If you don't have access to a printer, you will
fill out in the office prior to departure.
3. Arrive at least 30 minutes early with ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR PARTY! This means DO
NOT SEND HUBBY/WIFEY to pick up rental and come back and get family. ALL MEMBERS
4. If you have any questions, please TE

What is appropriate clothing for UTV RIDING?

We highly recommend wearing appropriate riding attire because a UTV can radiate heat from
engine and drive-train components. Radiated heat can quickly become unpleasant against
bare skin. Additionally, outdoor environments can often present an additional layer of
challenges from bugs and vegetation. Wearing tank tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, open sandals,
or other attire that directly exposes your skin to the elements is NOT advisable. At minimum,
long sleeved tops, rugged jeans, and over-the-ankle style boots / shoes are highly

Do you rent helmets?

If we have them available after all rentals go out, then we do, but they are limited to time and
availability. Please call or text office number

Are you close to the trail head?

We are 9 miles south of the trail head. Most things to do are within a 5-10 mile radius.

What safety gear should we wear for the UTV?

We provide open face helmets and highly recommend safety glasses.

What happens if we get a flat?

Your are responsible for all tire and wheel damage during your rental so drive with caution. Be
prepared for the unexpected because you will be riding in the forest. This includes appropriate
clothing, snacks, water, sunscreen, cell phone and cell phone charger.Text the office at
580-306-5150 and let us know what equipment you have, what tire is flat, and what is your
location. You are responsible for all wheel and tire damage. There is a $100 fee to fix a flat tire,
or if tire must be replaced, renter is responsible for paying to replace tire and wheel if

Do we have to clean the UTV before returning it?

You are responsible for cleaning out all trash, bringing helmets in office and placing on floor
face up to check them back in. We will wash the UTV when you return, however, we will charge
cleaning fees as follows:
$75.00 for excessive mud
$25.00 for trash removal
$25.00 for EACH helmet that is muddy or wet on the INSIDE (this usually happens from not
wearing the helmet and letting it roll around in the cargo area or playing in the creek with the
helmet on).

Can the UTV tip or roll over?

Driving in fast circles (donuts) or doing aggressive/fast turns can cause the UTV to tip or roll
over. It may also cause unfastened passengers to be thrown from UTV and possibly crushed,
as well as pull the wheels and tires to come off. There is an automatic $500 charge for tipping
or rolling over the UTV as well as ALL parts, labor, and loss of use while getting checked out for
safety and damages.

Can my kids drive or sit on my lap?

NO! This is unsafe and against the law. Any child caught driving, not using a seatbelt, not
wearing a helmet (UTV ONLY), or consuming drugs/alcohol while riding in UTV OR JEEP, the parent will be asked to return the UTV and their rental will end, the unit must be returned immediately or turned over possession, and there is NO REFUND.